Family Food Security

Project period: December 2017 – May 2021
In cooperation with our partner Alternative for Rural Movement (ARM)

Enough food for every family

In the Family Food Security project, we work to improve the food security of the population and ensure the nutritional health of the Balasore district of Orissa state, India. We support families with children so that they have the opportunity to work themselves out of poverty and put nutritious food on the table – both today and in the future.

Villagers in Balasore lack basic knowledge about nutrition and sustainable farming methods. Action Child Aid focuses on 10 villages of different sizes. Farmer self-help groups will be established, in which each group will be taught, among other things, about the nutritional needs of the body, the nutritional content of different vegetables and crops, and how they can grow their land in a sustainable way to increase yield – even in the difficult local climatic conditions.


Alternative for Rural Movement

ARM was established in 1989 and is an Indian NGO working for the empowerment and sustainable development of deprived village communities in North Orissa with an emphasis on rural women, children and dalit communities.
Familier bekæmper fejlernæring

Three main goals

  • Food security: The local community has obtained nutritional understanding and at least 8,000 children, youth and adults have improved access to sufficient and nutritional food. Most of the households have established kitchen gardens producing sufficient vegetables for their own use, and child malnutrition is reduced. 


  • Financial sustainability: 2,836 households (138 self-help groups) have an alternative income equipping them with alternative savings and investments opportunities for food security related initiatives (loans will not be promoted). 


  • Advocacy: The local communities have obtained knowledge on their rights and are able to conduct simple advocacy activities towards duty bearers leading to improved responsibility and functionality of the institutions at local village level.

SDGs aligned with this project

No Poverty 

Zero Hunger 

Life on Land